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What Parents and Students have to say about Oakes Test Prep

 "​As an educator and a parent, I recommend Oakes Test Prep's SAT program. OTP helped our son reach his SAT goals."
     ​-Dr. Stephen Smith, Director of Central Virginia Governor's School 

 "Oakes Test Prep is fantastic! He helped my daughter overcome her test anxiety, and she gained so much confidence from her sessions with him! I feel like Oakes really got to know my daughter's needs and they honed in on her weaknesses, enabling her test scores to soar. She set a goal of getting a score high enough for Ivy League and, with Oakes Test Prep, she achieved that goal. They are very open and honest, and offered us great advice as we went through coaching. I highly recommend to anyone planning on taking the PSAT/SAT/ACT to contact Oakes Test Prep!

     -Kelly Steele, parent and educator 

 "Before working with Oakes Test Prep I felt extremely unconfident and lost in my ability to take this test.  Through working with him for a few weeks, I not only gained self-confidence but was able to raise my ACT score and was accepted into my top choice of school."
     -M.C. 2016 H.S. Graduate, current University of Virginia student

”Oakes Test Prep went above and beyond to deliver the appropriate test-taking techniques and strategies to be successful on her SAT.  Most importantly, Oakes gave her the self-confidence she needed to approach each question type differently, allowing her to maximize her score. Not only did Oakes prepare her for the SAT and provide us with a wealth of college information, but it prepared her for her future.”

     -Melissa Gaylor, educator

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